artiste statement

A room without artwork is like an empty house. My practice involves acrylic painting, people,
animals, objects and abstract things. I can paint almost anything with acrylic on canvas,
starting from stylised to realistic. I also work with charcoal, oil pastels and pencils, from
sketching and drawing to detailed realistic pieces. Alongside this I produce digital work on a
tablet and this has a wide range of different practices involved. This is similar to what I
produce analogue but when working digitally I have a wider range of tool’s available so I can
produce work faster and more efficiently. However in a world of A.I produced digital art, I
value my traditional practice over digital work. I am proficient in a range of adobe software
including; photoshop, illustrator, indesign and animate, alongside Procreate on iPads.
I also have an interest in fashion and clothing design, I can sew, put together patterns and
create unique embroidered pieces.
My personal practice is published under the name Venus. This tends to be a little bit darker
in tone, often born from the emotions and experiences with my mental health difficulties. I
like to separate the two practices as they are very different things. This dark expressive side
of my work is not suitable for a younger audience and has limited commercial use. However
it’s something that has exhibition possibilities and potential use in mental health campaigns.
Some of my professional practice does contain a strong political message, and I am
passionate about using my art to bring about change, however in some professional practice
it’s better to keep these sensitive subjects separate. I am very adaptable and present my
work based upon individual needs of clients or studios